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Manga Scanlations Downloads
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On day, while searching and searching for good, http downloads of the scanlations I needed to live, I realized something: there was no place for fans to get together and share what they have. This obviously needed to be rectified. So, in the same spirit as qafdownloads, I present to you with Manga Scanlations Downloads on Livejournal. Your moderators is pratyeka.

Rules [may change as we grow]:
1. Post requests and uploads only, no discussion unless it's in the comments.
2. Make sure the scanlators allow redistribution. We don't want to have to shut down because we upset the wrong people.
3. Please link back to the scalation group when you post something. This shouldn't be too hard, you don't have to fancy-html or anything, a simple linik will do.
4. Upload files to your own server or YouSendIt, do not direct link from the scanlation site.
5. Participate! If you've been leeching and have what someone else needs, upload it for them! This is what will keep us alive.
6. No selling manga on cds or anything of that sort. This is purely for free distrubution of free files.
7. Be respectful to the Mods. They do their job to make sure you can continue to download your manga.
8. Any type of manga is fine, but please put an appropriate warning if it shouldn't be seen by minors. We would rather this community not turn into a hentai download forum, as well.

Joining this community means you agree to these rules.

Note: Just like the scanlators, we encourage you to buy the actual manga and support the author if at all possible. This community exists for the purpose of sharing manga that it is very hard or impossible to get otherwise, either because you don't speak the language[s] it is available in, or because you would have to import the manga and are unable to. We are also not responsible for your actions. This community is a group effort of all members, and none of us want it to be shut down. If you at any time don't follow these rules, we the Moderators reserve the right to delete your post[s] and/or place bans.

If you have any questions, please direct them to a mod.

Scanlators who have approved of redistro of scans [always LINK BACK when you upload a scanlation]:
Aku-Tenshi [General - All types]
Essence of Purity [Shounen Ai/Yaoi] Note: only distribute ones that aren't NEW RELEASES [must be at least one month old] - and NOT marked "Horii's".

Message pratyeka to affiliate.

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